Sunday, March 8, 2009

Clerks 2 Jerks

I wish someone would hurry up and translate and publish this book so I can read it. Trying to read the blog in a language I don't know is pitiful. All the humor and poignancy is lost. I was reading a couple of snippets and I had a thought. It amazes me how people EVERYWHERE are jerks to clerks. Almost everyone (except the occasional delusional freak) that has worked a service job will have similar horror stories of abuse, disrespect, and ingratitude. Why is it that we feel this is okay? And why does it still go on? When I am working it seems like maybe those people have never been in my position and that is why they act the way they do. I think I am wrong. While there are people that haven't worked a job like mine, there ALOT that have had similar or worse jobs. Do people forget? Do they feel that because their clerk days are behind them, it is their time to be the needy jerk?

Hmm. Ponder.


  1. My mother is a single mom. She raised 3 kids working as a waitress. I learned early on to be kind to people in service. Don't get me wrong, there have been times I've gotten the rude server. And let me tell you, I did NOT want to tip. Not at all. But I just couldn't walk out not leaving one. I'm odd like that. I suppose even as an adult, I remember (as a child) crying some nights because we had no food. So although the waiter was a complete jerk and did not deserve one extra dime from me. I can't help but think perhaps they have a little kid at home waiting for his/her dinner. My childhood memories won't let me be the jerk, no matter how much I'd like to!

  2. Wow. I have let without tipping once. The waitress was just mean and didn't serve half our food. I don't why we even stayed to finish our meal.

    Gigi, you are a gem.