Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cute customer tricks part 2

One of the soap companies we deal with is doing this little promo right now. They have these little cellophane bags that perfectly fit a large bar of soap or a box of lotion or a tiny tube of lotion and a tiny bar of soap. The bag is designed to fit a bar of soap 2.75"x4"x1.5".

So today this customer brought up an armload of toiletries, separated it into 3 groups and told me she wanted each group in a little gift bag. She immediately walked away to look at other things. The problem was that her gift groupings would not FIT in the little bag. She had picked full sized products. The full size lotion barely fit into a bag on its own. The bag pleats were strained and the bottle stuck out of the top. They looked like weird condoms for toiletries.

When she came back, I explained the problem and held up the bagged bar of soap to show her how the bags were designed to fit a bar of soap, but not much more. She looked at me like I was a flipping idiot. Like somehow, I should be able to magically enlarge the bags with my mind so that she is not burdened, like I was an asshole for not fulfilling her requests.

I bet she is one of those people that hogs the overhead compartment on planes with her stupidly placed carry-on and her bulky jacket. No spatial sense what-so-ever. Ugh.


  1. Have you ever heard of the website: ""?
    I think you'll like it if u haven't visited it before. There are a lot of stupid customers out there.

  2. You could be my soulsister !! I hate people that are reallynasty and mean to people that are only trying to do their job !
    I had this really shitty customer (she ALWAYS brings in her child WITH a sandwich stuffed with choco-paste...hate her, HATE her !!) and then she doesn't care about this child and that toddler touches everything with her choco-smeared-fingers .... I so hate that !!
    She once asked me to make a present of something REALLY cheap...I said ; OK and wrapped it up in my most eldest and creased paper I found...haha...she didn't even saw it ! Stupid woman !
    But I bet that the one who got this present was thinking she got an old stuffed away package she found somewhere in the back of her mice-filled closet !