Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today was the day of cheese slicers.

Today I had a wicked, blazing, red wine hangover. It seemed that if I could just shake my headache, I might live, or if I ate enough cookies, I might be human again. I was extra perky today, to compensate for the death I was feeling on the inside.

It's always a downer when you are being perky, even a fake genuine perky, and customers try to knock it out of you. Here is a quick way: I answer the phone at 11:47 a.m. and say "Good afternoon!" and the customer says "It's still morning." Like I had time to notice. You might be surprised at the number of people that feel the need to correct me when I make an innocent and unimportant flub like that.

Another peeve: I am at work alot, full time, and have been working there for years now. So I know our inventory. I am always amazed at customers that inform me of products they purchased at my store and I know they did not. It is pointless to argue with them because it turns into "yes you did, no we didn't" and that could go on until they get pissed and try to get someone fired. It would be like me walking into their homes and telling them about the 4 foot bong that they have in their closet. "Uh, no we don't." "Yes. You do." Sometimes, depending on the customer, I can gently ask if maybe they purchased or saw the item at a different store. I can carefully help them jog their memory and so far I have always been right.

The day finally came to a merciful end. I went home, ate a spicy meal, and now I will go to bed. Tomorrow is our first day with outdoor furniture. Time to put my muscles on.


  1. OH MY GOD I AM A JERK. I said the its still morning thing the other day. I feel bad now.

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  3. Sometimes I accidentally say "good morning" at 4 p.m. This is a funny, appropriate time to correct someone. But sometimes, 10 minutes will have gone by without me looking at a clock (I don't know how) and it will have become afternoon without me knowing. There should be a half hour buffer on either side of noon.